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Mushabbar Husnain Noor

Hi! I'm Mushabbar Husnain NoorAero-Mechanical  Engineer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

" Never give up, no matter how bad you fall. When you give up, that’s when the game ends "


Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Shocks & Stars Engineering Pvt Ltd
AeroFlux Research

I am an experienced researcher with a strong mechanical and aerospace engineering background. My work has involved a range of analytical, computational, and experimental analyses. As a curious and ambitious individual, I am always seeking to learn and discover new things.

       Currently, I am employed as an Aerothermal Research Lead Engineer at Shocks & Stars Engineering Co., researching the thermal analysis and management of un-conditioned avionics systems. Specifically, I am using the Design of Experiment (DoE) technique to evaluate the thermal behavior of avionics -

systems under different altitude and Mach number conditions and verifying the resulting data through both analytical and computational analysis. Furthermore, perfroming the computational aerothermodynamic analysis of hypersonic flows and combustion analysis of the scramjet engine.

       Previously, I worked as a Research Assistant at the AEROFLUX lab of Air University, performing analytical and computational analysis for the thermal management of avionics systems placed in conditioned and unconditioned bays to qualifying the thermal design of avionics according to MIL-STD-5400E for airworthiness.

My area of interest include:
• Thermo-fluids and heat transfer
• Aerothermodynamics of the high-speed airborne platform

• Aerothermodynamics of Scramjets and Hypersonic Space Launch Vehicles​

• Computational and numerical fluid dynamics
• Turbomachinery and power-plant design
• Optimization

I have proficient skills in:
• ANSYS (thermal, fluids, structural, topology optimization, and design exploration)

• SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and Fusion 360

• COMSOL (Fluid flow, Heat transfer, and Magnetohydrodynamics)

Hypersonic CFD of Rocket perfromed by Mushabbar Husnain Noor
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